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Crystal Island-a City Inside a Building

Posted by Yaser on January 14, 2008

Crystal Island is a name for one of the world’s biggest building projects that has been officially granted for building in Moscow on the peninsula between Moscow River and Andropov Avenue. It will be 450m high, covering a floor area of 2.5 million square meters and near half a million square meters. The cost of building Crystal Island will sum $4 billions.

The Crystal Island is not just an unusual huge building, it is a building-city. How comes? Well if you take the fact that this building will host about 3000 hotel rooms, about 900 serviced apartments, a school, exhibition spaces, theaters, retail and catering businesses, two public viewing platforms, at 150 meters and 300 meters, it’s not just a building anymore. It’s small city. The exterior facade will use solar responsive panels which, along with wind turbines, will generate electricity for the huge tower. Natural ventilation will be provided thanks to numerous strategically placed large atriums.

This entire project was initiated by Norman Foster, founder and chairman of Foster + Partners. Regarding the Crystal Island project, Norman Foster said: “Crystal Island is one of the world’s most ambitious building projects and it represents a milestone in the 40 year history of the practice. It is the largest single building in the world, creating a year-round destination for Moscow and a sustainable, dynamic new urban quarter. It is a paradigm of compact, mixed-use, sustainable city planning, with an innovative energy strategy and ‘smart’ skin which buffers against climate extremes.”

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