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Blu-Ray cracked by Slysoft, rips pouring from air

Posted by Yaser on March 23, 2008

The recent massive increase in amount of Blu-Ray rips has an obvious reason: cracked protection BD+. A Caribbean firm called SlySoft claims to have broken the copy protection technology used on some Blu-ray discs designed to prevent video content from being copied and pirated. SlySoft has long sold a product called AnyDVD which is a utility that disables a DVD’s Content Scramble System (CSS) copy protection technology. Once a DVD’s copy protection is disabled, you can copy its content using one of several third-party programs. Now the company SlySoft is upping the DRM-busting ante with a new version of AnyDVD HD ($47) that promises to crack Blu-ray disc copy protection.

The copy protection cracked by SlySoft is called BD+. According Macrovision, the company that owns the rights to the BD+ technology, the copy protection has been adopted by “more than 20 companies including major CE manufactures, motion picture studios, as well as The Blu-ray Disc Association.” It’s likely that Macrovision and the Blu-ray Disc Association will knock heads and thwart SlySoft’s crack of BD+. In fact SlySoft representatives have publicly stated the it’s not only likely but probable that the BD+ copy protection technology could be tweaked to prevent Blu-ray discs from being cracked. DRM-cracking technology has long been a thorn in the side of Hollywood anti-piracy fighters. Despite the Motion Picture Association of America’s efforts to crack down on DVD-ripping and despite U.S. copyright laws that make it illegal, sales of software that bypass DVD copy protection continue online and at retail stores. While this may be a sad day for MPAA, it’s a much welcomed breakthrough for the scene.

Source: Pc World

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